How to Use Pure Himalayan Shilajit

A Grade  From Above 1600 feat Pure Himalayan Shilajit From Himalayan Range Pakistan

its common saying “if you take or use unknow thing its abuse is inevitable.”


150MG Once or Twice daily


50mg Once Daily

how to use shilajit pakshilajit guide

Use and Measure of Pure Himalayan Shilajit

  • Use a measuring spoon or tip of the butter knife. The average serving is two drops (100mg).
  • The soft resin may be taken straight or mixed in a cup of water, tea or coffee.
  • Take it in the morning or during the day once or twice daily
  • Our average soft resin shilajit dosage is 100 – 150 mg and should not exceed 600 mg per day.

How to use Shilajit?

1 Straight

The traditional and the most effective way of taking shilajit is plain and unmixed. Just place it under the tongue or swallow it as a pill. It should provide you with an immediate boost of energy, enhanced attention and better mood.

2 Mixed with Water or liquids 

What could be a better beginning to the day than a cup of tea/coffee enriched with the pleasure of shilajit? You can also add it to your smoothie to make the most out of the experience, as all those raw nutrients would be absorbed better!

When Should I take Shilajit?

You may take shilajit early in the morning, as well as during the day. However, some people may feel energetic when taking it at night or before going to bed. We recommend taking it alone; however, you may take it together with a low-calorie meal. If you are doing sports or exercise, then the best time to take shilajit is during or after the workout to help the body to recover.

What To Avoid When Using Shilajit

  • While shilajit may be taken together with vitamins or other herbal supplements, you should avoid using it with prescription drugs as it may enhance its effect. Please keep a 1-2 hours gap between prescription medication and shilajit.
  • Tap water is most likely chlorinated. Chlorine is a chemical that appears to react with other molecules quickly. It can form some toxic substances when mixed with shilajit or other organic supplements. Therefore, instead of using tap water, it is advised that you utilize distilled, spring, reverse osmosis or active charcoal carbon filtered water.
  • Shilajit is beneficial for a hangover, but taking it together with alcohol may produce an unusual effect. It may work like an energy drink that wakes you up. Other times, it may increase the level of alcohol intoxication (being drunk). We do not recommend taking the two together because it won’t produce any positive health effects! Please drink responsibly and save your shilajit for when you have a hangover or are sober.

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